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The Baby Elephant Diet

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Product Code: 785918


Rs. 195.00


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  • Author - Ravi Manthan
    No. of Pages - 200
    Language - English
    Publisher - Rupa Publications India Pvt Ltd.
    Publishing Year - 2015
    Binding - Paperback
    ISBN - 9788129137456

  • Obesity and lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, chronic heart ailments and stroke are fast becoming global pandemics. This is because our health depends almost up to 80 per cent on what we eat, and modern lifestyles have caused a dramatic change in our diet. The Baby Elephant Diet: A Modern Indian Guide to Eating Right is a simple and concise guide to healthy eating, customized to Indian conditions. A foodie in addition to being a health guru, author Ravi Mantha recommends neither starvation nor bland food for good health and shedding weight. His easy-to-follow suggestions on what to eat, and what to eat less of, will remarkably improve our health and well-being without compromising on taste. As the title suggests, the author maintains that the baby elephant's preferred food, fibre, should form the most important component of our diet. The Baby Elephant Diet is not just about becoming slim; it is a guarantee to good health. Debunking many of the modern myths and misconceptions surrounding food, this book shows us how to be fit even while eating more. A must-read for weight watchers, fitness enthusiasts and those battling lifestyle diseases.

    About The Author:
    Ravi mantha is a health guru who is an expert on prevention and wellness. he speaks at conferences around the world on how to take control of our own health and bodies. ravi is a strong proponent of sustainable agriculture, an organic farmer and a foodie. this is his second book on health. he can be reached on twitter @rmantha2

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