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Payment Options

You may pay for your purchases on giftease.com using one of the following options:

  • VISA Credit & Debit Cards
  • American Express Credit Cards
  • Mastercard Credit & Debit Cards
  • Maestro Debit Cards issued by some banks
  • From your netbanking account with most Indian banks.
  • Giftease Credits
  • Cash On Delivery (COD)

We shall shortly be adding more payment options to make shopping at giftease.com even more convenient for you.

Your payment card, or netbanking account will be charged when you place an order with us, or before we dispatch your order. In the event of any part, or full cancellation of your order, after your card or netbanking account is debited, the amount you have paid for the cancelled item(s) shall be credited into your Giftease account, and you can conveniently use the accumulated Giftease credits to pay for future purchases (click here for details)


Secure payments with your Credit/Debit cards:

Using your credit/debit card to shop on giftease.com is safe. We do not capture or store your credit/debit card information on our website, and this is only entered by you on the secure payment gateway page provided by PayU India, our payment gateway provider. The URL of this page is https://secure.payu.in/

  • To enhance security of your payment data, all required card details (i.e. credit/debit card number, expiration date, CVV etc.) are captured on the secured payment page, and encrypted in accordance with  industry standards, and are securely transmitted to your Card Issuing bank for obtaining an authorization decision. At no time during the purchase process or thereafter, does Giftease have access to, or stores, your complete card account information. For more details on this please refer our Privacy Policy
  • For greater security, credit card payments are secured by ‘Verified by VISA’ facility, applicable to VISA cards. This is an additional security measure necessitating you to enter a password which only you, the card holder, can have access to. You shall enter this password directly into your  card issuing bank’s secure system.
  • It is not uncommon for a request for credit / debit card authorization to fail once or twice before the card is finally authorized. This happens due to problems with your card issuing banks servers. You must try again till you get a successful notification.
  • At times the bank’s payment servers or your issuing banks payment servers may be down, in which case a message will be posted informing you of the same. Under such circumstances, you can continue shopping and add items to the bag which would then be saved and you can come back later and complete the payment transaction within 24 hours.
  • If you are using a card issued by a bank outside India to place your order and if your card is not registered for ‘Verified by Visa’ facility, we may request you to send us a scanned copy of the FRONT SIDE ONLY of the card used to place the order. The scanned copy should be sent to customercare@giftease.com . Please mention your Order reference number in the subject line of the email.
  • Payment on your card bill will appear in your local currency (as per the norms of your card issuing bank). Your card will be charged as per prevailing rate of exchange and charge policies of your card issuer.             


Secure payment through netbanking 
You can make a payment through Net Banking directly from your Bank account. It works just like you make payments from your bank account.

  • On the checkout page, select the Net Banking option and then select your preferred bank from the drop down and click on ‘Place Order' button at the bottom
  • You will be directed to your Bank’s netbanking login page from where you can login using your Net Banking login id and password and complete the payment. After the payment is successfully completed you will be directed back to our site where your order confirmation will be generated.
  • At no point during the transaction, does Giftease captures or store your full bank account or Net Banking details. We process the order based on the confirmation received from your bank
  • The Net banking facility is provided through our payment gateway provider, PayU India.


Giftease Credits

Your registered account with giftease.com has a giftease credits balance account associated with it, which you can access when you login to “My Account”, and click on the “Giftease Credit” tab on the left panel.

Here you can see your balance of giftease credits, which is equivalent to the same amount in Indian Rupees, and which you can use to pay for future orders on giftease.com. You may make payments for future orders using giftease credits balance along with any of the other payment options e.g credit/debit cards or netbanking.

When you return any item to us, in accordance with our returns policy,  the amount of such return will be credited into your Giftease credit account, within two working days of the return processing.

If you have placed an order, without signing in using a password, or without using the Facebook login facility, then we shall create an account with the email ID provided while placing the order, and email you a link, using which you can set a password for your giftease account, into which the giftease credits for any cancellations or returns will be credited.

If you are sending a gift to another person, and want to allow the recipient to return the item and buy some other item from our website, you may authorize us to credit the recipient’s giftease account in case of return, instead of crediting your giftease account, by sending an email to customercare@giftease.com, from the email ID used while placing the order, providing us the recipients email ID and authorizing us to credit the recipients giftease acccount.  In such a case, we shall inform the recipient to register with giftease, prior to processing the return, and shall credit his/her account with the amount of the return.

In the event that you prefer to receive a credit into your card/netbanking account, instead of accumulating giftease credits, in case of returns where your card/netbanking account has been charged, you may mail us (from the same email ID provided while placing the order) at customercare@giftease.com providing the order details and instructions for crediting your card/netbanking account, instead of creditingyour Giftease credits account at the time you request for such return. Please note that we shall be unable to process a refund to your card/netbanking account, after a credit has been processed into your giftease account.

Once credited into your giftease  account, giftease credits cannot be exchanged for cash, or credit into your card or netbanking account.


Payments using Cash On Delivery (COD)

  • Cash on Delivery is a convenient mode of payment for purchasing from us, other than Credit/Debit card and Netbanking. If you choose Cash on Delivery mode of payment, you shall have to pay for the order only at the time of the actual delivery, rather than paying in advance. Please note that the payment shall need to made by the recipient in Cash at the time of  delivery.
  • COD payment option is available on selected items and at selected delivery locations across India. Click here to check Pin Codes where COD is available.
  • COD payment option is available on orders of value between Rs.500 and Rs.10,000  on selected products and at selected locations across India.
  • Items which can be paid for using COD are marked on the product page for the item. Orders containing any items not eligible for COD may be placed using other payment methods like credit/debit cards or netbanking.
  • Please make ONLY Cash Payment at the time of delivery. Gift Vouchers, Demand Drafts, Cheque’s or Store Credit notes cannot be used for COD orders.
  • The recipient/consignee’s mobile phone number shall be required to be entered while placing COD orders. This is required for the purpose of coordinating delivery and payment. 
  • COD payment option is not available while sending gift using recipient email address only (i.e. when the delivery address is not provided at the time of placing the order)
  • In case of returns for items purchased using COD, refund shall be made through Giftease Credits into the Giftease account of the registered customer who has placed the order. 
  • When you make a purchase using the COD option, your Order will be booked, and you shall need to verify the mobile number of the recipient by sending an SMS*. You shall need to send us an SMS as per the details provided on the order confirmation page. Once confirmation is received for the same the order would be dispatched.
  • Please note, effective June 26, 2017, orders placed using Cash on Delivery Payment, shall attract COD charges  of Rs. 49 per order.



PLEASE CALL AT +91 (020) 4850 3000 (Monday to Saturday 9.30 am to 7.30 pm, Sunday 10.00 am to 7.00 pm) OR MAIL US AT customercare@giftease.com if you have any queries or concerns about payment options on our website.