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Kaadoo Wildlife Safari Adventure Board Game - Explore the Nilgiris Biosphere

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Product Code: 779115


Rs. 749.00


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  • Do you feel guilty about not being able to take your kids on jungle tours and safaris? Gifting them with this unique boardgame will make up for most of it! With its colorful gameboard, vibrant jeep pawns, colorful dice and hand painted animal card, it creates a vivacious safari experience for your child and his friends. All the pawns in this game are made from ecofriendly and non-toxic paints that are totally child-safe. The two types of animal siting cards (indicative and directive) add spice to the game and open up a wild set of directions where the game can turn. With its color coding, number usage and animal facts,Kadoo ensures that it does not lose out on the educational quotient and adds to your child's knowledge. Along with Niligiri Biosphere, other variants of the board game include forests in the African Savannahs, Central India, Arctic Circle, Western India and North America. The World Wildlife Fund of India has co-branded this attractive and exciting board game. Get it for your kids today!

  • Type - Board Game
    No. of Players - 4
    Material - Paper and Wood
    Battery Operated - No
    Product Weight - 1100 gm
    Product Dimensions - 32.8 x 31.2 x 6.1 cm cm
    Washable - No
    No. of Units - Pawns in the form of cars (4 in quantity) A dice - with 2 vibrant colors - red for odd numbers and green for even numbers Cards - hand painted and mass produced Kaadoo Board
    Other Features - Avoid spillage of water and beverages on the board. Fold back the board carefully for its longer life.The joints are made of special material that is resistant to tear
    Co-branded by - The World Wildlife Fund India
    Age - 6+ years
    How To Play - Open the Kaadoo board Cards are kept right in the middle. Pawns are kept in the respective color coded corners of the board Roll the dice - to enter the jungle you need odd number (1,3,5) If landed on an even number - cant make a move Next player's turn The block you land on is blank then stay exactly where you are Else on board dials have extra directives, like "roll the dice again", "turn around" When your dice turns even, you got a chance to open one animal cited card The cards come in 2 types - indicatives and directives The indicative cards have four main things printed on them - name of the animal, picture, a fact about that animal, and a number on the bottom right column The number can be from 2 to 25 This numbers are the points you collect having picked that card The numbers are in circles or stars - circles indicate regular card, stars indicate special card Keep this cards safely as this will decide who is the winner at the end of the game There are 2 special kinds of indicative cards - the kaadoo card. This card is very rare and powerful. It makes all your opponents to return one of their star cards back to the deck The only way to dodge an attack is by Paapa card. This neautralizes the effect of the Kadoo card and makes the owner of the kadoo card give you a card instead. Use teh Paapa card wisely as there is only one in each game If you reach the middle of the board where the cards are kept, do not panic. Just jump above the cards and continue on the path directed ahead of you. If you safari goers bump into each other while going on opposite paths, they simply have to swap all their cards with each other and continue with their respective routes after the exchange. However, if you catch up with another player from behind, you get to pick one card from the hand of the player you caught up to. Continue the game after the same. Once the cards kept in the center are finished, the game is over. The one with maximum points wins. To understand more about the game, visit -

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