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Flowers & Indoor Plants


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Gift the Green Thumb

If you are looking for a simple yet unique gift, a long-lasting gift that is affordable then potted indoor plants are the perfect gift for you. Before you find yourself thinking what if your loved one doesn’t have a green thumb, let us assure you there are plenty of low maintenance plants that even a child can maintain easily. In fact, the best plants to gift are the ones that are beautiful and easy to take care of. Flowers add a spot of happy wherever they go making them suitable gifts for him and her.

The lucky bamboo is not your typical bamboo plant. A tiny plant that needs just water and sunlight, it will grow and grow and like the name suggests so will the person’s good luck and fortune. Another easy to grow plant is the money plant. It can be grown just as easily in soil as in water. Get a glass bottle, paint it in bright colors, fill it with water and throw in a money plant, tie a bow and Voila! It’s the perfect housewarming gift for a couple

Easy to maintain Indoor Plants

Succulent plants like Aloe make excellent gifts for any occasion. They require minimal water and double up to soothe burns, wounds and are excellent for the skin making them the perfect gift for her. The Syngonium plant in a self-watering planter with its arrow shaped leaves is also an attractive gift for anniversary. A popular ornamental indoor plant is the Cordyline. Not only does it add a spot of colour, but it also purifies the air making it the ideal gift for your fitness fanatic friend.

Plants for the Green Thumb enthusiast

A bonsai tree is not that hard to take care of as common notion suggests. They are a lot more delicate so need that extra bit of love and care. A great Father’s Day gift for Dad would be the 6-year-old Bonsai in a pot.

Flowers are timeless gifts

Flowers with their gorgeous hues and intoxicating fragrance make gift giving such a joy. A bunch of red roses to profess your love would be the ideal Rose Day gift for girlfriend while a bunch of orange lilies will easily brighten up someone’s day and is an excellent Teacher’s Day gift. If it’s your wife you are trying to please especially after years of marriage, then go all the way with a beautiful flower basket. 60 yellow roses in a basket are sure to keep her smiling through the year. If your loved one is away celebrating a special occasion alone, send some happiness his way. A flower combo with chocolates and mithai is a sweet gift for son to celebrate his promotion at work.

Watch your love grow daily with these indoor plants online as gifts and make a happy occasion special with flowers that say so much with just their beauty.