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12 Gifting Ideas for the 12 Days of Christmas

Christmas truly is one of the rare festivals where the spirit of giving is celebrated, without a thought of getting. Christmas gifts online are not just about sending out gifts, it is about sending out best wishes and goodwill. End this year on a special note by purchasing and conveying Christmas gifts for each of the 12 days of the festival!

We bring to you original ideas for unique Christmas gifts for all of your peers and colleagues. There is a gift for every Christmas wish, and you can be the ideal Santa this time around.

Help you in Gifting for the 12 Days of Christmas

Day 1 – Christmas Days - The Birth of Christ
Date – 25th December
This day itself is the biggest gift as it marks the birth of Jesus Christ. This is the day when gifts are exchanged, wishes are sent out and optimism is infused in the air. The best way to present your loved ones on this day is to buy your Christmas gifts online. It saves time, it ensures comfort and the gifts are delivered directly to your doorstep. To add more value to these gifts, you can choose merry Christmas greetings, Christmas chocolates or even bells as a gift for Christmas. However, remember to use these secondary presents with a personalized Christmas gift for every recipient. You can get a variety of personalized gifts online in India. This is what will make your gift distinctive, unforgettable and substantial.

Day 2 – Boxing Day – St. Stephen's Day
Date – 26th December
St Stephen was the first Christian martyr and a deacon in Jerusalem. This day is celebrated to honour his memory and to pay gratitude for his sacrifice. The best gifts for this day would be classic Christmas chocolates. They will add a sweet taste to your memories and vibrancy to your celebrations. Moreover, from a kid to a senior adult, chocolates are loved by one and all. You can easily get Christmas gift chocolates under 500.

Day 3 – St. John the Apostle
Date – 27th December
Saint John was not just a disciple but a friend of Jesus. He was born before Jesus and he was the one who told the world that Jesus was the one that will guide every life to light. On a day that celebrates their connection, remember your peers by sending out Christmas gifts for your best friends. You can send ornaments or jewellery as Christmas gifts for your women friends and electronic gadgets as Christmas gifts for men. The key is to make the gifting as special and as personal as possible.

Day 4 – Innocent's Day – Feast of the Holy Innocents
Date – 28th December
This was the day when innumerable toddlers were slaughtered in an attempt to kill baby Jesus. This day honours their sacrifice and is a symbol of our love towards the younger members of our families. Send out gifts to all your little friends on this day. Toys, games and stationery would prove to be ideal Christmas gifts for kids. Best Christmas story books are also a great way of engaging children in a constructive task.

Day 5 – St. Thomas Becket
Date – 29th December
St Thomas Becket was murdered because he protested over the King's right over the Church. This day celebrates him while remembering him as a member of the canon. On this day, send out Christmas gifts to men with an intention to admire their everyday effort. Present them with premium stationery and efficient gadgets for the same.

Day 6 – St. Egwin of Worcester
Date – 30th December
St Egwin was a royal descendent who was devoted to faith since his early days. He was a fair and loyal bishop who was known to be a protector of orphans and widows. On this day, let your spirit for social service flow high. Buy bulk items for Christmas in India and distribute them to the poor. This will be the best gift for your soul this time around and the satisfaction of the same will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Day 7 – New Years Eve
Date – 31st December
Do we really have to say anything about this day? Celebrate the commencement of the new year by spreading joy all around you through presents and gifts. It is also celebrated as Pope Sylvester day, who was one of the first popes. While scouting for cheap Christmas gifts, don't forget to plan for your New Year's Eve gifts. You can give beautiful and stylish Christmas baskets as gifts while adding new year products to the same and creating a riveting combination.

Day 8 – Mary, Mother of Jesus
Date – 1st January
This is a day that remembers virgin Mary, the extraordinary woman who gave birth to Jesus. On this day, surprise your mother by presenting her with some attractive gifts as symbols of your love and respect for her. Gift her with some beautiful jewellery, indoor plants and chocolates for Christmas. She is the most important person in your life – ensure that she knows it!

Day 9 – St. Basil of Caesarea
Date – 2nd January
St. Basil knew how to strike the balance between this theological teachings and his political connections. This day celebrates his power and admires the same. On this day, send Christmas gifts for your family to let its members know that you value anything and everything that they have done for you. Through these gifts, promise them that you will balance your professional and personal life just as well and give more time to your loved ones this year. You can present them with home décor gifts, indoor plants and personalized photo frames.

Day 10 – Feast of the Holy Name of Jesus
Date – 3rd January
This day celebrates the actual naming ceremony of Jesus when he officially got his name. This is the perfect day to present customized mugs, mobile covers and greeting cards to your loved ones. Make an extra effort to highlight the name of the recipient to make these gifts more special.

Day 11 – St. Elizabeth Ann Seton
Date – 4th January
This day celebrates the strong and powerful St Elizabeth Ann Seton, who established the first Catholic girls' school in the United States. This is the day when you should think about Christmas gifts for the girls of your life. Be it your sister, your spouse or your daughter – show them how much you admire them by presenting them with stylish ornaments, beautiful accessories and quirky Christmas gift ideas.

Day 12 – Epiphany Eve – St. John Neumann
Date – 5th January
This day remembers St John Neumann, the venerated priest of Philadelphia. The 12th night of Christmas is a time of massive celebrations with huge parties. A cake is the center of attention in most of these events. Christmas plum cakes are popular all around the world. Christmas cake online delivery is available through various digital portals during this day and thus is an ideal gift for your peers and colleagues.