Daughters are special. They don't just get special attention, but they often demand it as well. No, we are not gender stereotyping here, but facts are facts, right? If your daughter has a birthay, anniversary this month. Or you simply feel the need to shower her with some materialistic love, then we have some amazing suggestions for you!The gifting experts at Giftease.com have compiled a list of the top 5 personalized gifts for your daughter. 


gifts for daughter


Photo Mugs:

Photo Mugs are a classic gift that one can simply not go wrong with. A photo mug with a quote can remind her every morning of how amazing she is. It can also serve as a lovely desk pen stand, that lets her know how much you love her whenever she looks at it. 


Personalized Chocolates:

Chocolates are perfect. They are delicious and give the eater a feeling of happiness. Now imagine if you can personalize the chocolate with your daughter's name on it! Wouldn't that just put a cherry on the top of her cheery cake? 


Photo Frames and Photo Clocks:

We live in a day and age of narcissism. But wouldn't it be precious if her room had a clock which also has her picture in it? Two in one... that's a deal you can't resist. Or you can simply get her picture on the cover of a magazine. That would flatter her to no limit! 


Personalized Stationery:

Stationery is a gift that intellectual love. Is your daughter the kinds who loves having stationery that reflects the classiness that is her? Then here are a few items that she will never tire of. Easels, calenders and even desk organizers, the perfect curation to make the perfect gift.


Personalized Sipper Bottles:

Gone are the days when one could have a only a personalized mug. You can now travel with your beverage of choice in a personalized sipper bottle. Your daughter would surely love to show off her exclusive sipper bottle at the gym, don't you think?


A sincere suggestion though, daughters often expect more than one item in their gift. So maybe club two or more and give. For instance, some personalized stationery with some personalized chocolates? The permutations and combinations are endless. Give it a shot, and we assure you she will love it!