The ideal man for every girl will always be her father. They don’t make them any cooler than dad. A dad so special deserves nothing less than extraordinary wishes and Father’s Day gifts. This year don’t pool in with your sibling and buy a gift because you couldn’t figure out what to get Dad. Here are the coolest Father’s Day gifts 2017


cool gifts for dad


1. Audio Book  –   Adventures of Sherlock Holmes is a fast-paced thriller that takes the reader from opium dens to blackmail. The chemistry of Sherlock and Watson, the mystery surrounding the Bohemian King and a strange job offer for a governess give this book a nail biting finish. A sure shot entertainer and a good Father’s Day gift online


2. Coffee Maker –  How a person starts his day determines the fate of the next 24 hours. Which is why coffee plays such an important role in people’s lives. Everybody needs a good cup of coffee to kick start their day. The Philips Coffee maker makes up to 10 cups of coffee. It’s easy to use even for Dad!  


3. Barbeque Charcoal Grill – If your dad loves two things – food and having people over, then we have the perfect Father’s Day gift for him. The barbeque charcoal grill will let him make delicious bites of food charred to perfection while catching up with loved ones. No better way to spend Sunday than to barbeque.


4. Travel gifts – Convenience is of extreme importance for frequent flyers. If dad is out for work often then gifts for traveler is something he will appreciate. A tan leather wallet to keep his stuff in one place and Bluetooth headphones to shut out the world and relax on the flight are stylish gifts for him


5. Time – Nothing you gift your father will equal the time you spend with him. Make this Father’s Day special. Spend the day with dad doing cool stuff. Gift an experience he has been wanting to try and do it together. The Gift XOXO experience box has some crazy options right from adventure to meditation to travel. Your dad taught you how to walk. Teach him something new and crazy like bungee jumping and have a blast. 


No matter what you choose as a gift for him, he will adore you anyway for the thought you put in. Giftease turns celebrations into lifetime memories. Log in and give Dad a wonderful surprise this year.