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Why Customers Love Us

  • Fixed Date Delivery

    Gifts, be it corporate or personal, are better delivered on time. Select a date to have the gift reach the recipient. We never miss a date. With us, if it's late, its's FREE!

  • Gift Recommendation

    We know, it is not always easy to come up with a gift item, no matter how close a person it is. With our Gift recommendations, you get help to select the right gift, for the right person.

  • Gift Wrapping

    Get gift wrapping appropriate to the occasion, with the gift. You can also get custom gift wrapping. After all, the wrapping is the first thing that they see about your gift.

  • Occasion Reminder

    Don't miss out on an occasion that you are keen on gifting for. Set up an occasion reminder, and we will let you know when you need to get shopping.

  • No Address Gifting

    What if you want to suprise a friend but don't have their address?
    Give us their email address and we will ensure
    that they get the gift!

  • Personalized Gifts

    Nothing says “Special” like personalization. Be it with their name or their picture. Personalize gifts and let them know just how important they are to you.

  • Devika Puri

    very nice and helpful site.
    excellent support.

  • Sushil Thorat

    Prompt service with wide range of products, really satisfied! Keep up the good work. Cheers!

  • Ashish Chakravarty

    Thank you for you assistance.The info provided was quite helpful towards confirming the order

  • Sanket Jayn

    The most friendly way to buy anything for anyone. My ordered was delivered on time and before time also.

  • Nehaan Ank

    Gr8 workmen total value for money. Kuddos to Giftease team ! M totally impressed.

  • Ritika Markandey

    Thank you Giftease team for taking the extra effort to please your customer.

Online Gift Ideas for Every Occasion

A happy occasion is always celebrated no matter which corner of the globe you may be in. A birthday deserves a cake to add the extra candle, an anniversary without some bubbly to celebrate the milestone is incomplete and any festival in India without mithai is too plain. Adding to the sweetness of each occasion are the gifts that accompany them. Special occasions deserve gifts just as special but suitable for each event. The perfect gift for the perfect recipient can be easily found on Giftease website.

Vast Variety:
Find the perfect gift, every time. A Father’s Day card, Diwali gifts for family, corporate gifts or fashion accessories online, no matter what the reason we have a pick for you. Nothing beats a bouquet of red roses as a romantic gift for your soulmate. Personalised gifts such as coffee mugs, planners and desktop organisers are an excellent choice when it comes to corporate bulk gifting.

Gift Recommendation:
Making gifting as simple as ABC is the Gift Recommendation feature on the website. You can search for gifts by personality type, gifts for every occasion and gifts by recipient. You can further narrow the search by recipient, price range and delivery date. A cool brother’s day gifts can be easily chosen, the navigation from the first step will help you get the right gift.

A few more reasons:
If the above is not enough to convince you on how amazing Giftease is here are a few more reasons. We believe in spoiling you for choice. We offer timely delivery and if the gift is late, then you get it free. Gorgeous gift wrapping options, gift cards for the undecided ones, occasion reminder for those who forget them and no address gifting for the surprises! To add to that, we have special deals and discounts to keep your wallet happy.

Let us take the pressure of shopping for gifts for loved ones off and enjoy the occasion and love instead!